Toy soap

Here are little treats for the little ones, glycerin soaps full of goodness for their sensitive skin.

The fun thing is that the toy also serves as a handle, so the kid can easily grab the soap in the bath. And they smell wonderful! (Red one is pomegranate, the pale whitish one smells like oatmeal and milk).

Something new…

Orange Chain Scented Salts

Sea Breeze Scented Salts

This was a new thing I wanted to try. I’m a very, very clumsy person, and one of my cats is a slighty oblivious creature. Where am I going with this? I love things that smell nice (… obviously.) And I love candles, and fire – as my father would happily confirm. He hated when, as a kid, I’d turn my bedroom into a temple of tealights…

Anyway. The number of times I knocked over an open flame, or that my cat set himself on fire (… three times so far, and he apparently still doesn’t get it) made me reconsider my life choices. Well, no, it didn’t, but I started wondering if there could be something… safer to indulge in my passion.

This was the answer. The salt doesn’t melt nor burn, the oils just evaporate and scent the room (… house. It’s amazing how quick you can perfume the whole place). And if an accident happen, no mess, no fuss! I love those little things, and they are so cute and shiny!! The colors are somewhat opalescent, it’s absolutely beautiful.