Wow, February is almost gone, already?

Time flies when… well, when you are busy as I am right now. Work has been crazy – and since I’m a freelancer, that would be great news. I need more sleep though, but that is not happening until March for sure.

Also, I’m going to a few Spring markets, stay tune for more details soon! I also have two fresh batch of soaps I need to take pictures of (more accurately, ask the boyfriend to take pictures of…), Brown sugar and Fig (sweet, with a very crisp and fresh fruit smell) and a more perfumy soap, called Envy (a blend of musk, amber, cedar, nutmeg and ginger). They both look absolutely stunning!

Also new, I got new boxes for the soaps I sell at markets. I used to make all if it by hand, and while they looked great (no, really, they looked amazing), they were really time consuming to make. So, after toying with the idea of changing the whole packaging to something simpler and being warned NOT to do it (… they really look amazing, and some people choose those soaps because not only they are rich and moisturizing, but they are a beautiful, thoughtful gift for hostess, friends and family), I found a place that sells the pillow boxes. So once again, updates coming on that too, soon (… and pictures. Geez, I need more hours in a day to get everything done!).


Meanwhile – pictures of a beautiful mediumĀ length, light pink and gold necklace. The pink pearls have that nice shine thatĀ makes it really stand out, and the gold beads are hollow, giving an interesting look and texture to the set. Simple, elegant, always a hit with a nice blouse or a cute dress.