Markets are over!… for now

Alright, well that was fun! I am done with market season, and I had a great time meeting you and getting more ideas. Here is a list of the soap inventory I have left – if you are interested, just drop me a line (in the contact tab, or on my business card)!

Cinnamon Chai (a nice, sweet and spicy soap that feels incredibly soft on the skin)
Strawberry (very delicate scent, with some blueberry seeds and kaolin clay)
Sea Breeze (Fresh, deep, fantastic – contains some eucalyptus leaves for exfoliation)
Vanilla and spice (Yummy, I am unhappy this is a soap; the sweetness of the vanilla adds some depth and charm to this little soap. Contains some chamomile flower to add a fresh herbal smell and for exfoliation)
Orange and spice (you sense a theme, here? This one has a nice, fresh orange smell with a little nutty scent; half of the soap contains poppy seeds for exfoliation)
Lost in time and Space (a layered soap that has quite a complexe fragrance; one layer of lavender buds, one layer of chamomile, and one layer containing kaolin clay, all in one soap)
Lilac and Sage (probably my favorite at the moment; strong, strong lilac scent that brings you back to spring)
Lavender and Rosemary (there is a reason Lavender is a classic. Such a fantastic way to bright up your day!)
SweetGrass and Sage (the smell is incredible, and the soap is even better; the top part contains actual sage leaves for a light exfoliation. A great choice!)

(Pictures will be posted soon. Or soonish.)

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