Products (soaps)


Super silky massage candles – 12 $






Orange and bergamot exfoliating soap

Make with orange peel, shea butter and cocoa butter, rich lather, amazing smell, the best pick me up in the morning.

8 $


Looking for a hostess gift, stocking stuffers, teachers thank you present, or a way to say thank you to a friend, a coworker or someone close to you?

Love Spell (cherry and peach) – $7
Spring Breeze (green tea and sandalwood) – $5
Oatmeal Cookie (vanilla and honey, contains brown sugar and oatmeal) – $5
After Eight (cocoa and mint) – $6
Cinnamon Swirls (cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and black tea) – $6
Fresh (Iris, sandalwood, Verbena) – – $5
Apple Crumble (apple, cinnamon, vanilla, allspice) – $5
Mysterious (Bergamot, lavender, oakmoss and black pepper, contains sage and coffee grounds)- $5
Endless (clementine, jasmine and sandalwood, contains lavender  buds) – $5
Lavender and rosemary –  $7
Vanilla and Spice (Vanilla, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg) – – $7
Orange and Bergamot (Orange, lemon, bergamot, frankincense) – $7
Coconut Calypso (mango, grapefruit and coconut)  – $6
Envy (mandarine, pepper, ginger) – $6 (limited quantities)
Lime in the coconut – $7
Aqua (Bergamot, green tea, rosemary, amberwood) – $6 (limited quantities)

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