My new thing – purses, purses everywhere!

Who doesn’t like the idea of the perfect handbag – one that no one else has? Something stylish, but practical, with lovely little pockets, details that catch the eye, something that you are proud to have – and to be the only person to have?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure do! Here are my new project – handbags, practical, lots of pockets for everything you need, lovely and elegant. One of a kind!

Festive look for a festive table…

I think a table should always be as beautiful as the food that will be served during dinner. It has to be a feast for the eyes to prepare for all the goodness to come… This is why I came up with this idea : festive centrepieces, all original, all amazingly stunning. My mother being in Quebec, I can’t help her as much as I want for the Holidays, but I can certainly make sure her table, and yours, impress guests, family and friends. Every centrepiece is absolutely unique and will be the talk of the table.



Set on a mirror plate, a beautiful candle holder is surrounded with golden and bright red decorations in an exquisite balance of shimmer and color. For some pizzaz, replace the tealight with a long candlestick, and voilà!




Golden and shimmering reds, pine cones and cinnamon stick, this centrepiece has a nice volume that attracts the eye. Simple, elegant, perfect.



Merry Christmas to you all!


Hard to keep up with everything… right?

So between work, work, more work and life, it’s not always easy to find time to update my website. I’m so sorry! I will try to be more diligent, I’m just so easily distracted…


Here are some of my amazing massage candles – three scents to choose from, sweet pumpkin (my personal favorite!), green apple and chocoholic. These are made with high quality soy wax and contain shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil for a soft, velvety feel. Of course, those are meant for massage, but it’s also wonderful if you have dry, chapped hands! The moisture lasts longer than any cream or lotion.


IMG_1598 IMG_1642 IMG_1683_25

Wow, February is almost gone, already?

Time flies when… well, when you are busy as I am right now. Work has been crazy – and since I’m a freelancer, that would be great news. I need more sleep though, but that is not happening until March for sure.

Also, I’m going to a few Spring markets, stay tune for more details soon! I also have two fresh batch of soaps I need to take pictures of (more accurately, ask the boyfriend to take pictures of…), Brown sugar and Fig (sweet, with a very crisp and fresh fruit smell) and a more perfumy soap, called Envy (a blend of musk, amber, cedar, nutmeg and ginger). They both look absolutely stunning!

Also new, I got new boxes for the soaps I sell at markets. I used to make all if it by hand, and while they looked great (no, really, they looked amazing), they were really time consuming to make. So, after toying with the idea of changing the whole packaging to something simpler and being warned NOT to do it (… they really look amazing, and some people choose those soaps because not only they are rich and moisturizing, but they are a beautiful, thoughtful gift for hostess, friends and family), I found a place that sells the pillow boxes. So once again, updates coming on that too, soon (… and pictures. Geez, I need more hours in a day to get everything done!).


Meanwhile – pictures of a beautiful medium length, light pink and gold necklace. The pink pearls have that nice shine that makes it really stand out, and the gold beads are hollow, giving an interesting look and texture to the set. Simple, elegant, always a hit with a nice blouse or a cute dress.


Markets are over!… for now

Alright, well that was fun! I am done with market season, and I had a great time meeting you and getting more ideas. Here is a list of the soap inventory I have left – if you are interested, just drop me a line (in the contact tab, or on my business card)!

Cinnamon Chai (a nice, sweet and spicy soap that feels incredibly soft on the skin)
Strawberry (very delicate scent, with some blueberry seeds and kaolin clay)
Sea Breeze (Fresh, deep, fantastic – contains some eucalyptus leaves for exfoliation)
Vanilla and spice (Yummy, I am unhappy this is a soap; the sweetness of the vanilla adds some depth and charm to this little soap. Contains some chamomile flower to add a fresh herbal smell and for exfoliation)
Orange and spice (you sense a theme, here? This one has a nice, fresh orange smell with a little nutty scent; half of the soap contains poppy seeds for exfoliation)
Lost in time and Space (a layered soap that has quite a complexe fragrance; one layer of lavender buds, one layer of chamomile, and one layer containing kaolin clay, all in one soap)
Lilac and Sage (probably my favorite at the moment; strong, strong lilac scent that brings you back to spring)
Lavender and Rosemary (there is a reason Lavender is a classic. Such a fantastic way to bright up your day!)
SweetGrass and Sage (the smell is incredible, and the soap is even better; the top part contains actual sage leaves for a light exfoliation. A great choice!)

(Pictures will be posted soon. Or soonish.)

Saturday, Nov. 23rd

I will be setting up a booth during the Queensland Craft Fair, which will be held on Saturday Nov. 23rd from 10 am to 3pm at the Queensland Community Hall, 649 Queensland Dr SE.

Since my inventory was running low, I made some fantastic new soaps – orange and bergamot, raspberry and vanilla (yummy!), and freshly out of the mold – Lavender and rosemary, and Lilac and musk. They all look amazing, and the house smells ooooh so good! Come and get a bar before they are all sold, because they are really selling like hot cakes (the orange and bergamot one will be soon sold out, it was a hit right off the bat). I can’t blame anyone, it smells amazing and they make great stocking stuffers.

And of course, there is jewellery. I have new earrings, a few more necklaces and pretties for your pleasure. Come check it out!




New jewellery to drool over…

It’s been a while since I posted anything related to jewellery, so here goes. I made a LOT of new amazing looking things, I hope you enjoy browsing as much as I did creating it!

Silver bracelet

Pink and copper double row necklace with antique copper pendant


Pendant and earrings

Next markets – Nov. 9th and 10th

This is gonna be one busy weekend!

I will be selling jewellery and soap products during the Mackenzie Towne Christmas Craft fair this Saturday. Here is some info about the event :

Gymnasium of the Mackenzie Towne Hall
40 Mackenzie Towne Blv SE
from 10 am to 5pm, on Saturday the 9th.

On Sunday, I will be at the Christmas Crafts and Gifts Market :

Sunday November 10th
From 11am to 3pm
Triwood Community Centre
2244 Chicoutimi Drive NW

Sure hope to see you there 🙂